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5 Ways To Soothe Your Soul

Ever need that solitary boost – when you’re feeling a bit down or quietly introspective or just need to recharge yourself? How do you soothe your soul? What brings you back to a calmer state, a feeling of well-being, of security and warmth? 5 Ways to soothe your soul: 1.  Sit by the ocean watching […]

How To Have A Good Vacation – Luggage-Free

My husband and I just returned from our activity-filled vacation week to New Mexico.  When we saw our zebra-like suitcase appear on the baggage carousel we got excited. It brings to mind our luggage-free vacation a couple of years ago.  Apparently our suitcase had done some good traveling throughout Italy while we spent our 10 […]

10 Ways to Help Someone Going Through a Tough Time

Let’s reflect on some basic ways of reaching out and providing support to a friend, family member, or even acquaintance who is going through a hard time. We tend to feel alone with our troubles.  We feel nobody else knows what we’re going through.  This feeling of isolation further adds to the despair of the […]

Interview with Natalie Taylor

“I’ve reached a place where I can say that grief is not about recovery or resolution or being fully healed.  It’s about living without someone, but still embracing life.” I am pleased to introduce Natalie Taylor, a young woman who has unfortunately learned about the fragility of life way too early – at the beginning of […]


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