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Overcome Adversity

and Challenges

Reclaim Your Life After Loss

Taking the first step and moving forward when you're overwhelmed by sadness or grief can seem impossible but recognizing that help is available to you can make it within your reach. The challenge of getting through each day can be minimized and eventually overcome with the right support.

When life feels shattered, it's easy to feel defeated.

It's completely natural to feel this way after experiencing a profound loss.

But there is hope. Working with a compassionate and experienced counselor can guide you through this challenging time, helping you cope and rebuild your life. 

My practice is dedicated to supporting you in finding renewed meaning and purpose after the loss of a loved one, divorce, illness, or disability.

Let's embark on this journey of growth together.


Harriet Cabelly

Navigating Life's Challenges:
My Journey
and Approach

Life’s adversities can either embitter us or help us grow. The challenge lies in transforming our pain and suffering into a meaningful, engaged, and joyful life. Here’s my journey and how I can help you navigate your own.


Bitter or Better?

Some people grow and become better, while others remain stuck in their pain. The key is not to ask "why" but "how" we can cope, respond, adjust, and rebuild our lives, finding renewed purpose and joy along the way.


My Personal Journey

Childhood: I grew up as a child of divorced parents in the early '60s when divorce was rare.


Parenting: I coped with the intense grief of having a child born with disabilities.


Divorce: I dealt with my own divorce, rebuilding my life despite the disappointment, anger, and shame.


Work With Me

Counseling: Adversity, Loss & Healing
  • Divorce/relationship break-up
  • Death of a loved one

  • Illness/disability

  • Retirement/empty nest

  • Any critical life transition or loss

  • Resiliency

  • Grief and Growth

  • Meaning and Purpose

  • Filling Your Bucket – Self Care

  • Aging Well

  • Life After Loss

Counseling: Navigating Adversity, Embracing Healing

Are you seeking to alleviate your pain, regain control, restore your strength and confidence, and rediscover joy and laughter? Are you ready to move forward and rebuild your life?


Transforming Pain into Growth

As a dedicated social worker and positive psychology coach, I am passionate about helping you create the best life possible. My mission is to support you through challenging times, enabling you to find renewed purpose, meaning, and joy.


Working together, you will reclaim your life, even amidst adversity. I have a deep commitment to helping individuals overcome hardship, providing compassionate support as you navigate grief and emerge stronger, balanced, and ready to embrace a newly designed life.

Work With Me

"I believe healing takes place when pain is unloaded and contained in a safe and inviting space, and where you are encouraged to take small steps towards living well again. I’m here to support you in taking those steps."

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Contact Me

I’d love to help you on your journey.

Please connect with me here.

Long Island (516) 214-4778 (landline)

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